Daily Haiku-Baku

Kerouac said in an interview to the Paris Review:
"Haiku is best reworked, and revised.  I know, I tried.  It has to be completely economical, no foliage and flowers and language rhythm, it has to be a simple little picture in three lines."

Art of Fiction No. 43 Jack Kerouac.1968.

  • Aboard, yellow train/ Grand Tour among big black bison/ Sulfate spews faithful
  • Fear imprisoned you; Cloistered what did you see? While I holy ran!
  • Angel Cameron, waits in blind battled corner, blind babies scream today.
  • Christian Nation Blooms - tuning up to world madness- Lord guide us Zombies
  • Twooos and Threes , creative scattered debris, sixes and sevens. 
  • Dad and I hike up-through dewy laid state park-grey slug crawls on moss
  • Dark day, clouds hang low. Wife sleeps in late, hits the snooze. Car sputters_she's gone.
  • Espresso's ashen smell-I sip my hot Publix French Roast- brews unaccustomed quests
  • Ficus makes a stand-we thought it dead from deep freeze-new leaves grow hopeful.
  • Foggy day ascends, sun shines through - killing the fog - light breaks through oak trees
  • Librarian shelves, me under Dewey's numbers, Tall Tales and Legends.
  • May blahs grab a-hold/ Feelings are Deadly caffeinated/May blahs grab a hold
  • oppressive tin can/ increases infinitude/ truly hyperbole
  • pasteurized holy milk/creed, confessions, stone churches/we worship mortally
  • Searching for Haiku/ peering through stones, cement, marbles/ Searching for Haiku
  • Singing Godly songs/ settling by mighty oaks/ Abram moved his tent.
  • Think first-guard your words / No Pari Vou critical words/ Do not speak - stray words
  • Oh technology, your mastery suffers men, to the loss of time.
  • Boys skip rocks on crystalline lake/Ripples Spread Out/Stilled!/Splash! (Baku
  • Worried blue-tint/notes.  Dreams, sunny days fishing,/for future recall.
  • An Ice Age Snow Cone - my lips become numb from cold - frost gathered near.
  • Fear imprisoned you; - Cloistered what did you see? - While I holy ran!
  • Uzi filled Bus/took pilgrims out of Cairo/to Jerusalem.  
  • Lumber Truck Braking, One Morning at Pacific. I'm Sleep walking.
  • Smelling Pine Tar/olfactory recalled/now I'm woke up.
  • Descending Rabbit Hole We went/ grabbing onto taro roots / but our hands slipped.
    We plunged into/the depths of ocean waves/drifting us away.
  • Like a Big Moon Pie, Like the moon, and sweet tasting,  Life is a TURNIP? 
  • My open Torah/my stylus points, magically/the words float up.
    I the apprentice/learns to breath, render,  /"alpehs" and "bets."
    whispers bounce into/congregated honored heads/praying to Jesus.
    Grandma bends down/before the missionary Jesus/offering prayers. 
  • Spring training ends. from Port St. Lucie; to fielding in Snow. (04.15.2013)
  • Rewiring this Old House: Easton Ohio
    Gone up in smoke.
    Match Less,
  • Illinois Golfer, /stood on yard marker, which/ sunk beneath his feet. 
  • Whisk of White Clouds: realist painting of Florida; a Blue Sky Portrait
  • Saved family from dangerous dragon.
    Breathes an ashen blue,

    In Easton Ohio, our prayers
    Go up, Godly sent.

    Now stands a foundation, outlined.
    God rebuilds proper,
    Brush Strokes
    Take Hold.

  • Fish: flayed slimy, huge, pale, caught./Baby Squids/
    Squish/ Squish We Pass Octopus Garden./Baby Squids./Squish/Feet Fall
Walking on baby Octopus./Eight arms spread out./Squish/Squish.(Baku: Three Stanzas)
Stillness: Startled gasp,- quietness, two sparrows flap,- wings in unison.
Running usually late: Why, do I often think that  travel is instant? 

I-70: flat-blues, land stretching out between, farm-field, farm, field, farm...
scare-crows welcome you, across yellow grain fields,"Will it ever end?"
Do we have enough -  gas?  till the next one ahead, glad for AAA (Triple A)!

Spring Two: 

Oliver, the cat, jumps at me
snarling to get my interest for his
shy and hungry friend, Smough
time to buy meow mix; (bits?).

Spring One

Up from my deathly flu,
 I returned my Facebook world,
greeted by my cat Smoug. 

Caught in that line,  Ahab battled demons by casting overboard.


Huck Finn
House laid like a tomb, still as death...
Civil Huck dreamed.

Story book notions, play with your itch.
Highway boys nest, 
and break,

Huck is a perfect "sap-head",
low down, in the muck,
life like,

Six times seven equals thirty,
adds up to not.

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