Monday, March 30, 2009

Hawaii Day THree: From Here to Eternity

Ode to all the lovers who have made Hawaii a Honeymooners Paradise!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hawaii Day Two: Ode to the GI's on Pearl Harbor

Not a dog soljer nor more
soljer no more.
They give me all that money

So much my pockets is sore
pockets is sore.
More dough than I can use

Re-Enlistment Blues
them blues.

Took my gelt to town Tuesday

Found me a big double bed
big double bed.
I'll find a job tomorrow

Tonight I'll maybe be dead
maybe be dead.
Ain't no time to lose

Re-Enlistment Blues
them blues.

Hit the bars Wednesday

Friends put me up on a throne
(way) up on a throne.
Found a Chinese baby

She wouldn't leave me alone
leave me alone.
Did I give her a bruise

Re-Enlistment Blues
them blues.

I woke up on Thursday

The walls was movin'
I swear
movin' I swear.
I reach'd down in my trousers

AII my pockets was bare
nothin' was there.
I'll really blew my fuse

Re-Enlistment Blues
them blues.

Hit the bar again Friday

Ask'd for a free glass of beer
free glass of beer.
Bar man he don't know me

He just say no credit here
no credit here.
What I done then ain't news

Re-Enlistment Blues
them blues.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Cool bit on the creative process...

Extract from Eve's Diary Part One

Translated from the Original by Mark Twain

SATURDAY.--I am almost a whole day old, now. I arrived yesterday.
That is as it seems to me. And it must be so, for if there was
a day-before-yesterday I was not there when it happened, or I
should remember it. It could be, of course, that it did happen,
and that I was not noticing. Very well; I will be very watchful now,
and if any day-before-yesterdays happen I will make a note of it.
It will be best to start right and not let the record get confused,
for some instinct tells me that these details are going to be
important to the historian some day. For I feel like an experiment,
I feel exactly like an experiment; it would be impossible for a person
to feel more like an experiment than I do, and so I am coming to feel
convinced that that is what I AM--an experiment; just an experiment,
and nothing more.

Then if I am an experiment, am I the whole of it? No, I think not;
I think the rest of it is part of it. I am the main part of it,
but I think the rest of it has its share in the matter. Is my
position assured, or do I have to watch it and take care of it?
The latter, perhaps. Some instinct tells me that eternal vigilance
is the price of supremacy. [That is a good phrase, I think, for one
so young.]

Everything looks better today than it did yesterday. In the rush of
finishing up yesterday, the mountains were left in a ragged condition,
and some of the plains were so cluttered with rubbish and remnants
that the aspects were quite distressing. Noble and beautiful works
of art should not be subjected to haste; and this majestic new world
is indeed a most noble and beautiful work. And certainly marvelously
near to being perfect, notwithstanding the shortness of the time.
There are too many stars in some places and not enough in others,
but that can be remedied presently, no doubt. The moon got
loose last night, and slid down and fell out of the scheme--
a very great loss; it breaks my heart to think of it. There isn't
another thing among the ornaments and decorations that is comparable
to it for beauty and finish. It should have been fastened better.
If we can only get it back again--

But of course there is no telling where it went to. And besides,
whoever gets it will hide it; I know it because I would do it myself.
I believe I can be honest in all other matters, but I already
begin to realize that the core and center of my nature is love
of the beautiful, a passion for the beautiful, and that it would
not be safe to trust me with a moon that belonged to another person
and that person didn't know I had it. I could give up a moon that I
found in the daytime, because I should be afraid some one was looking;
but if I found it in the dark, I am sure I should find some kind
of an excuse for not saying anything about it. For I do love moons,
they are so pretty and so romantic. I wish we had five or six;
I would never go to bed; I should never get tired lying on the moss-bank
and looking up at them.

Stars are good, too. I wish I could get some to put in my hair.
But I suppose I never can. You would be surprised to find how far
off they are, for they do not look it. When they first showed,
last night, I tried to knock some down with a pole, but it didn't reach,
which astonished me; then I tried clods till I was all tired out,
but I never got one. It was because I am left-handed and cannot
throw good. Even when I aimed at the one I wasn't after I
couldn't hit the other one, though I did make some close shots,
for I saw the black blot of the clod sail right into the midst of
the golden clusters forty or fifty times, just barely missing them,
and if I could have held out a little longer maybe I could have
got one.

So I cried a little, which was natural, I suppose, for one of my age,
and after I was rested I got a basket and started for a place on the
extreme rim of the circle, where the stars were close to the ground
and I could get them with my hands, which would be better, anyway,
because I could gather them tenderly then, and not break them.
But it was farther than I thought, and at last I had go give it up;
I was so tired I couldn't drag my feet another step; and besides,
they were sore and hurt me very much.

I couldn't get back home; it was too far and turning cold;
but I found some tigers and nestled in among them and was most
adorably comfortable, and their breath was sweet and pleasant,
because they live on strawberries. I had never seen a tiger before,
but I knew them in a minute by the stripes. If I could have one
of those skins, it would make a lovely gown.
(Continued April First) (No Joke Intended)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enjoy the Movie!

Funnier than a purple Cow jumping over a moon full of cheese-whiz!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prosciutto From Iowa?

This Prosciutto is from Iowa, you must be out of your mind!

But really I need to try this Prosciutto out! Before hearing about them in the April 2009 Edition of Esquire I thought that only the best Prosciutto came from Parma Italy. But I may be wrong!Check out the La Quercia site here

Friday, March 13, 2009

Marry Marry

Good Morning Good Neighbor, I would like to share a poem:

Marry Marry had a little lamb,
I killed it with my slingshot,
and served it to her for dinner.

The other White Meat
want to know how to serve lamb?
click here

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory tells it like it is... an apology to the first BLACK PRESIDENT!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogs to Check Out: Indexed

This blog is so smart! The creator (by Jessica) has illustrated complex concepts onto index cards. Each day a new concept is illustrated. I think it would be useful for all, especially in a truly visible world. We all need to be able to communicate to all those people in our world in a way that will not be wasted time. This site may help!
Thanks Gregory

Gregory Peck Montage

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Go Getter Greg

A Week Dedicated to the Name Greg! Enjoy.... the fanatical crazy mixed up life of

Lyrics to the Song: Go Getter Greg
Oh, hello.
You must be new I guess
At least you're new to me
Saw you unpacking your car
So I said to myself
Maybe I should help her out
Since we're neighbors now
And all the other people here are elderly
And probably a little standoffish
And I've got nothing to do (and whatnot)
By the way I live in 207
My name is Greg
Wherever are my manners
Let me get that heavy box

I'm a go-getter guy
With a gun on my hip
I'm just searching for that someone
To be firing it
I've narrowed down the field
And I'm taking a glance
And I'd say you've got a pretty good chance
To be my girlfriend

What's up
Didn't mean to sneak up on you there
I looked downstairs and saw you leaving
So what's up
I haven't seen you at the pool
Since the barbecue
Not that I've been checking
Here's the deal
I've got this thing
For work this weekend
And I was wondering
If you don't have
Anything going on
That maybe
Ok, hey that's cool
You're busy
But we should hit up
Jose O'Flannegens
For jello shots
Your call
It's ok not this week
But Monday
You could come over tonight
I'll be watching cop dramas
Smoking fatty fatties

I'm a go-getter guy
With a gun on my hip
I'm just searching for that someone
To be firing it
I've narrowed down the field
And I'm taking a glance
And I'd say you've got a pretty good chance
To be my girlfriend

(Oooo) I've given it some thought
(Wahoo) And I really think
(Wahoo) That you could use
A guy like me
(Oooo) In your life
Looking after you
A man to take you home
A hand for you to hold
And I'd never
Leave you alone!

I'm a go-getter guy
With a gun on my hip
I'm just searching for that someone
To be firing it
I've narrowed down the field
And I'm taking a glance
And I'd say you've got a pretty good chance

I'm a go-getter guy
I'm a go-getter guy
I've narrowed down the field
And I've taken a glance
And I'd say you've got a pretty good chance
To be my girlfriend

I'll leave it there
Call me back
Call me back

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