Friday, September 25, 2015


Dreams, according to Freud, are a interconnection of all stimulus your mind juggled with recently.  Last nights dream was a dream like this.  The influence shaping the dream was watching an episode on zoo.  The episode was the one where the birds start attack a lady with a baby in a park.  and some hidden fear of birds.

I was living in a run down appointment.  My friend, Adam Simon, was living in the flat below mine.   The dream featured a bald eagle.  The bald eagle was eating my arm. Then the bird would fly threw Adams open window.   So, with incredible strength, I grabbed the eagle.  I then threw the bird into the oven.   I did not want a bald eagle eating me.  Thank God, I decided to forgo buying the turkey, and by synchronicity I had a bald eagle.  The bald eagle was supported by the Benjamin Franklin branch of what to serve on Thanksgiving.

 My family then appeared. They were there for thanksgiving.

Then I had a conversation with Simon Abrams:

Simon:  That was my eagle.
Me: Dude, the bird was eating my arm.
Simon:  But it was my eagle, my pet.  

So this conversation was going to go nowhere... so of course I brought up Notre Dame Football because they were playing that day.  And Simon was wearing a four leaf shamrock Notre Dame cap.  I was confused because I thought Adam was Jewish.  They were playing my Colorado Buffaloes.  (Last time they played each other was 1991 in the Orange Bowl.

Adams dad was there for thanksgiving and I wanted to bring both Adam's dad and my dad together.

The dream ended with Notre Dame playing.
Simon's dad (the only Jew who loves Notre Dame)  brought a bottle of fifty year old wine. He exclaimed that the upstart buffaloes had no chance against the gods of Notre dame.  I could never support Colorado,  because I only support vintage brands. 
My dad accepted the gift from the opposing camp.
The Bald Eagle was ready for carving.
And then there was a wishing of Happy Hanukkah to all involved.
We were thankful for the wine,  even though it was vintage. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

American Spirit: A NovelAmerican Spirit: A Novel by Dan Kennedy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 I will return to this author again, as this book gripped me with snort out loud laughter, despair, and sympathetic union with the main character Matthew.  I found the book on Kindle Unlimited and chose it out of a synchronized mistake.  I thought it was Dan Savage, not Dan Kennedy... oops.  (They are both Dan's right); sometimes mistaken identities can make good traveling partners.  

The author gets the state of manhood today.  We are an endangered species.  Disinterestedly developed.   Immature.   Confused.  Angry.  Scared.  Confused. Confused again.  The fault: is partly commercialism, and partly the strong women in a man's life.   The crisis began when our our moms sprayed our manly stink with apple spray; and so the denuding process began. Men, now  barely manage.  We pay our bills, and we smile because its part of the uniform.   Manhood never shines in public, with out the denuding scent of female.  We love our wives but forget what it means to be
 a man.

 I think you will enjoy unless you are too hooked into the politically correct matrix. 

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Friday, September 11, 2015

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