Friday, September 25, 2015


Dreams, according to Freud, are a interconnection of all stimulus your mind juggled with recently.  Last nights dream was a dream like this.  The influence shaping the dream was watching an episode on zoo.  The episode was the one where the birds start attack a lady with a baby in a park.  and some hidden fear of birds.

I was living in a run down appointment.  My friend, Adam Simon, was living in the flat below mine.   The dream featured a bald eagle.  The bald eagle was eating my arm. Then the bird would fly threw Adams open window.   So, with incredible strength, I grabbed the eagle.  I then threw the bird into the oven.   I did not want a bald eagle eating me.  Thank God, I decided to forgo buying the turkey, and by synchronicity I had a bald eagle.  The bald eagle was supported by the Benjamin Franklin branch of what to serve on Thanksgiving.

 My family then appeared. They were there for thanksgiving.

Then I had a conversation with Simon Abrams:

Simon:  That was my eagle.
Me: Dude, the bird was eating my arm.
Simon:  But it was my eagle, my pet.  

So this conversation was going to go nowhere... so of course I brought up Notre Dame Football because they were playing that day.  And Simon was wearing a four leaf shamrock Notre Dame cap.  I was confused because I thought Adam was Jewish.  They were playing my Colorado Buffaloes.  (Last time they played each other was 1991 in the Orange Bowl.

Adams dad was there for thanksgiving and I wanted to bring both Adam's dad and my dad together.

The dream ended with Notre Dame playing.
Simon's dad (the only Jew who loves Notre Dame)  brought a bottle of fifty year old wine. He exclaimed that the upstart buffaloes had no chance against the gods of Notre dame.  I could never support Colorado,  because I only support vintage brands. 
My dad accepted the gift from the opposing camp.
The Bald Eagle was ready for carving.
And then there was a wishing of Happy Hanukkah to all involved.
We were thankful for the wine,  even though it was vintage. 

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