Saturday, May 12, 2012

As Mentioned...

"I like the pottery but do  I need it."
A good question raised today by one of the many visitors to May Fair at Lake Morton.    Then my wife states, "See Greg, I need to get a kiln, so I can make all sorts of cool pottery."

Art to me is an inspired creation.  Art should be invested in because it inspires the ho-hum citizen drones to think more than eat - sleep - eat - sleep - procreate- eat-sleep-sleep-eat. Art makes our lives more colorful.  The role of art is to encourage us when we need to be inspired, or to make us rethink the common routine, or our role in society.   Art is important because it makes the broken into meaningful mosaics.  
We need to create because we are made in God's likeness.   God is creative; we are creative.     
Art also preserves the beauty that is fleeting, here today, gone tomorrow.   The light is captured forever, or at least till the pigment fades off the canvas.  So what was once there in an instant is perserved for others to view.   ART reminds us that there is more to society than mere progress.   

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