Sunday, July 22, 2012

That was Interesting....

Principa Discordia

Malik: Mal2 once told me that pacifism was a dilemma. If everybody was a pacifist then everything would be perfect. But nobody is going to be a pacifist unless I am first. But if I am and somebody else is not, then I get screwed. He said that there were five choices under that circumstance. The first was napalming farmers and the second was executing your parents. The third was hypocrisy, the fourth was cowardice, and the fifth was to swallow the dilemma. Zenarchists are trained in dilemma swallowing.

 Well, take a collage for example. Like the early one on page 36 of the PRINCIPIA. Each little piece was extracted from some larger work created by some other artist and published and maybe copyrighted. I find them in newspapers and magazines mostly. Often from ads. With a collage you select and extract from your environment and then assemble into an original relationship.

HBT; The Book of Predictions, Chap. 19

Heaven is down. Hell is up.
This is proven by the fact
that the planets and stars
are orderly in their
movements,                                      IGNOTUM PER IGNOTIUS
while down on earth                     The meaning of this is unknown
we come close to the
primal chaos.
There are four other
but I forget them.
        -Josh the Dill
         King Kong Kabal
                                IT IS MY FIRM BELIEF THAT IT IS A MISTAKE
                                TO HOLD FIRM BELIEFS.

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