Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Texting at the Game

Dialogue between my wife and I during a Rays Game.  I was at the game and she was in transit and at home.  Here is the text dialogue:

                    1 to 0 Rays winning.  I cooked the mushroom caserole.

Sounds good.  Are you drunk yet.

                         Nope, let me ask roger, Nope.  (Only two bears and both lite ones). We need more fans here too many empty seats not like in Colorado... Lets go on a date to IKEA.  Good meatballs.

All for that!!!!!

                                               We are losing but still its fun....

At least the cards are in.

                                                The fat lady has not sung yet.

                                                 Its now 4 to 4.  11 more innings to go its now the eighth. 

? 11 more innings in the eighth?

                                               remember 19 innings (last week) so 8 from 19 is 11.

I think you've been hit with a ball.

                                             maybe we take the lead now. Nop 9th inning 4-4.

                                             nope left two runners in scoring position.
                                              we  won


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