Monday, January 26, 2015

Sometimes We Find Something We Do Not Expect.

The Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman (Library of America)The Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman by William T. Sherman

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I begin this book as an attempt to stir up my wife, whom is related to Jerfferson Davis, a true GRITS (a girl raised in the south).   I am a western boy and sometimes full of tenacity, and sprite. I tell you this because I was reading the book for material to share with my wife when she got to Southern. Sherman had such a great presence that no one had a neutral opinion on him.   Some hate him. Others loved him. So who was this man and was he as angelic or diabolic as people portrayed him to be... I have seen Sherman be a foot soldier for the history of the united states in the 19thc. Sherman was more human and much more complex than I originally thought.   William T. Sherman was a man of deep philosophy and believed in the UNION above all other thoughts.  His philosophy was deep enough to include a love for the South;  he retired in Missouri, began Louisiana State University, and wanted to treat Jefferson Davis with dignity and secretly hoped the former Confederate President would find a way to escape from reconstruction trials.    This book was well worth the time and energy I spent.   I recommend it highly!
just don't give up because of its length.

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