Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review of Books

Ham on Rye Charles Bukowski
Five Stars
Read the week of 3.27.2015
 Listened to on Scribd.

Part One of the Bukowski Quartet:

""Our Gang of Little Rascals" as described by cranky Bukowski, is not the type shown on classic T.V.. Heck, the worst thing said on the Leave it to Beaver Show was "You were a little hard on the beaver last night."  No this gang is set in a gritty South Los Angeles, California; set during the 1950's;  in an immigrant family.  The kids here  just wants to fuck the pretty girls and set fire-crackers off in the bathroom during midterms. This book is tragically hilarious... and was a delight to listen to on Scribd.  The ending leaves us wanting more, as we hang on Bukowski's final, bitter words of Ham on Rye. 

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