Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dream Space

A dream:
I was left off by my wife at a crossroads, so that I could walk the remainder of what she was able to dive on.  I carried a large backpack full of books and trinkets.  The straps of the backpack dug into my shoulders.   I had to stop at different gas stations along the route becuse the pain of my load was too much.   I then called her.  She had arrived at the desired stop.   She was with friends.  I could hear her on the phone saying, "I am with friends so don't call.  you will get here soon, I know."   I felt crushed by the coldness in my wife's voice.   I saw clouds move in the horizon.   And put one foot in front of the other.     I carried on. 

Not sure why I had this dream as my wife is awesome.  But I had to put it down on paper and hope others enjoy the tale. 

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