Monday, April 18, 2016

Na Po Wri Mo- Pastiche: Library Thing-first lines

 First Lines In First Lines in My Most Recently Entered Library Thing Entries.

There were five bedrooms.
The night that Lyndon came,
The witches were waiting.
 "the fatal flaw," that showy dark crack
  I told you last night
 "Bring your bathing suit"

I cheated death.
 It was there when I woke up
I first discovered I was trash…
 After the long quiet of the grave,
 After an unequivocal experience…
It is graduation day at Annapolis
There was a razorstorm coming in.

The cow-speckled landscape is an ashy grey color.
A steady drizzle fell from a gunmetal-grey sky 
With a single drop of ink for a mirror
 It began as a mistake.

I used Library Thing to help me create a poem utilizing the first line of a number of stories.  Then Juxtaposing those lines in a picture of something different.  Thank you to all the others I used. You can find them on Gregorio Roth's books library thing.  I did not want to take away from the poem by distracting the author who would have to continually look down the page to see who the author or book the quote came from.  I have not edited any of the lines. I just put them in a new order.

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