Friday, December 4, 2009

Curmudgeon Bookstore Cedar Key Florida

It's 12:01 pm. It's a dreary day full of gray clouds and damp palms, a day to be reading a favorite book, a day that is not often felt around these parts.

Housed on the corner of Main Street in Cedar Key Florida, next to the pizza shop, and across from the Heron Fish-House, lies the Curmudgeon Bookstore. The owner, Dick Martens is a pure curmudgeon. A curmudgeon defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, is an ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions.
Dick Martens is a conservative and has a point of view; loaded, and ready to be fired.
There will be pleasantries shared as long as you don't speak off the cuff and try to weasel in some liberal remarks. Then by duty called, he must debate with you, and you may leave offended. But don't get your feathers up, for he is well read, and even if you are liberally viewed, he will sharpen your wits. He loves sharing his favorite books with customers on little yellow sticky-notes. When Customers buy a book from Mr Martens, they know that the book is worth their time in reading.
Also check out his blog Curmudgeonalia.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the positive commentary, but my preferred definition of a curmudgeon is that offered by Jon Winoker:
one who abhors disingenuity and hypocrisy, and has the temerity to say so, often recasting unpleasant facts in a droll manner.
Dick Martens
Curmudgeon in residence
Curmudgeonalia(book store,Cedar Key)

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