Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday-Moonpies and Good Reads

Angel Time: Anne Rice
Where most Christian Writers stumble in their writing, Ann Rice moves them gracefully and deals expertly with: church, church history, Jews, Mission Art, Consumer Culture, Catholicism,
prayer, alienation, alcoholism, and broken homes. She shows how God redeems all who come to him with repentant hearts; even an assassin with many kills can be Redeemed and saved from sinful living.

Can a "Christian Book" be written well? Can new light be shined from a 2,009 year old gospel? Rice answers, YES!.
"In keeping with my commitment to do Christian fiction in a variety of forms, I am developing a new series called Songs of the Seraphim. I'm hoping for a long life for the series..
I continue to work on Christ the Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven, the third book in the Christ the Lord series."

Can a pulp vampire chronicler tell the gospel accurately? Some Catholic ideas bleed into her fiction but for the most part as a Reformed Christian I did not see a stained gospel.

She makes us look again at division between the Jews and Christians, and the scripture cited in Matthew 28:11-15. She asks us to not tell tales but live in the light of truth.

This book begins in Riverside California.

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