Saturday, January 9, 2010

Freezing Bromeliad

I am not smiling I am freezing.  I woke up with weather from the Frozen North, currently it does not feel like Florida, its 32 degrees.

The weather man today was giddy.  He looked like Tiny Tim on Christmas day, "God Bless Us Everyone." for now the Weather is what everyone wants to hear about.   He gleams and says, "It might snow! It has not snowed since 1977."  An image of children throwing snowballs in front of Dixie Land elementary appears on the screen.   The kids trample the school garden as they gather the dusting of snow.

Not sure if my garden will be damaged by the weather, for it is freezing.   I hope we have covered everything properly so our Bromeliads and Lilies do not freeze.   Strawberry growers cover their crops by using sprinklers and creating an iced over covering.  The icicles serve the Strawberries like a blanket, keeping the fruit warm under a frozen comforter.

Weather can make people a cheerleader for the unexpected turns in life.

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