Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ode to my Wallet

My wallet went missing this morning.    I could not find it anywhere, and began to fear all the possibilities of what might have happened.  I thought of calling the bank for fear that someone might use my debit card to buy a plain ticket to Timbuktu.   I did not know who to call to prevent some pervert from stealing my identity.   i prayed to God that he would keep my wallet safe.   Angrily, I tore up my house attempting to find my extraordinary normal brown wallet.    I found the wallet in the last place I looked, right behind a leg of the leather coach.   Nothing is more ordinary than a brown wallet;  (my dad's wallet is the same exact one)    but nothing is more securing than having a wallet in your back right pocket.  Why can't we treasure the things in our pockets here and now?

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