Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oakland: Colorado County

{1986 (3:00 Recollection)}

I stood in the layup line, wearing my jam shorts, basketball sneakers, and Pee-wee's Playhouse T-shirt.  I waited to run and jump, and then shoot the ball off the backboard.   I loved the feel of releasing the ball and the ball hitting the backboard, and then swish it banks off the rim. 

My brother approached.   (44:365)

“Did you see the Space Shuttle today?”

 Our class had to do math problems instead of watching a teacher go up in space.

 I replied enviously, “NO!”  

Then my brother said, “It went up in a cloud.” 

I thought he was joking, attempting to make the cows loony. 
I told him, “Don’t joke about that!”(43:365)

1986 A Musical Rewind

 James: So Many Ways
The House Martins: Happy Hour
The Bolshoi: Away

Recommendation: Check out Groove Shark then put in your favorite group, or song and listen to what they have a great place to remember when....

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