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The Lost WorldThe Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a model for adventure stories in science fiction.   The book influenced Michael Crichton in his creation of the LOST WORLD (Jurassic Park). 
Edward Malone, a reporter for the Daily Gazette,  finds no real excitement in his life.   Ed wants to woo Gladys, but Gladys wants to marry a romantic hero.  Gladys does not see Ed as a knightly figure, at least not yet.  So Ed must find his romantic quest in the name of his beauty Gladys. 

Questions Doyle poses are: will Ed come home a hero?  Will this quest earn the right to Gladys’s love? What lost world will Ed find in the Amazon? And what about the dinosaurs and the primitive humans, will he find the missing link?
  The book was published in 1912, and exhibits the world of Victorian Empire on the move.  British empire was attempting to find “a dreamland of glamour and romance, a land where we had dared much, suffered much, and learned much—OUR land, as we shall ever fondly call it.*” Caveat lector, the ideas of the Victorian Era are not of our own, and may offend those with politically correct notions. 
But this book is a great adventure and I believe a good book for adventurous boys. 
Note: One can listen to this on Libri Vox.
*Doyle, Arthur Conan (2011-03-30). The Lost World (Kindle Locations 2705-2706). Kindle Edition.

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