Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poetry Circus

How do you like your Fried Egg? Version Three 

Inside porous egg
shell breaks open in-
to frying pan.  

Nevertheless, which way to go:
Hard Boiled for detectives on the go.
Scrambled like my head.
Poached for all of us imperials.*
Sunny side up 
running jollily around my plate
Egg yolk sits,
atop my broth.

Whisk 70,000 turtle eggs 
away from oil;
but right into my plate.**


If the egg is cracked from the outside

death surely comes.

If the egg is cracked from the inside

then life renewed.

(A) Hen's egg  - 
cracks open.

Rooster shouts,
Our Egg!"

Nevertheless, which way to go!

* Poached Egg made popular in India first - a jewel in the crown of England. Check out the Wiki Cook Book on Eggs 
** Found this Headline on the Tuesday the 5th 2013; Bathroom Reader Calender. 

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