Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Commentary on Entertainment's List of 50 Cool Reads

We the Readers Demand a Recount

Entertainment's List of 50 Cool Reads.
Check the list before reading my comments.

There are way too many safe books here.  Why is the Great Gatsby on this list? Why 1984? They are examples of great books ruined by good intentioned teachers.   Teachers in high-school kill books when they force the books down students throats.  There meaning becomes something to memorize instead of internalizing, and taken into our hearts.  Cool books are ones that help guide us... through different perils in life's great passing.    Where is Stephen King, Clive Barker, Tony Robbins, Maxine Hong Kingston, or Che Guevera?  Or even Henry Miller?   I think that the biggest problem is any book that is forced on us the reader to read, especially in Highschool, or Junior Highschool, should be excluded.  Cool books are ones that we, the readers, find on our own, or from liking one book and then checking out another one.  Or even the covers.  Or being featured by great readers who say, "Son this book is awesome, I sure hope you check it out. " 

Zinio and Esquire:
I was thankful that the Polk County Library Collective has Zinio.  Zinio is a great way to check out magazines at home.   The browser has a number of great magazines including: Backpacker, Esquire, Oprah, National Geographic, Apple, Cosmopolitan, and ESPN (to name a few). This month, August 2014, Stephen King has published a short story for Esquire, check it our today.  

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