Monday, February 9, 2015

To Read, and to Read Again.... Brideshead Revisited.

I read, Brideshead Revisited, three years ago... I will be re-reading it for my Discussion at the E book group.  What do I think of reading books twice.   I think there are so many books out there and there is a limited time to read millions of books.  So my answer is in part an answer to the question, "What is the value of a book?"  If books are only for ideas and gathering up of ideas than re-reading is a waste of time.   However, I believe that certain books should be owned as touch-stones in the story that we read into our lives.     I hope I enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed it last time, and I can add it to my wall of well read books.

The first time I read this book it was a beauty to me... so I wrote a poem to its impression:


Brideshead Revisited is like an Avalanche!

Some parts so Edenic,
 .Before the fall!
And other places so cruel and cold,
Taking your heart,
Bitter like horseradish next to Filet Mignon and crab.

And the veil is ripped.
The great big square
In the country,
Is your original home.
Young and bright.
Almost nobody comes to visit anymore.
Or even tries to write...
to loved ones lost long ago.

Cold and cruel,
It looks like
You should return-but then
Time pasts through your
leaving only a scent.

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