Friday, June 11, 2010

To the West-Side: Hole N" the Wall Utah

Driving down Highway 191 towards Moab, past Bluff, past Blanding, past Monticello lies an incredible piece of Americana.  The place is as american as Apple Pie Ala Mode and Fried Squirrel.

Your so close to Moab Utah (your final destination) that you might say, "Honey lets keep going." And saying this would be a mistake.  You would pass by an Americana Art Piece.  An art piece that shows the wit and heart of America,  the place is the former home of Albert and Gladys Christensen.

Albert and Gladys were determined to make the most of being settlers in an out-of-the-way- type of place. Albert desired to create a Sand Stone Palace for Gladys. Scrapping out the Sand stone mountainside, patiently he made a home.He painted the Sermon on the Mount above his abode and carved out a tribute to F.D.R.. He worked so patiently that before it was finished Albert died (1957).   Gladys loved Albert with a devotion, and carried the passion forward until she died in 1974.

Its off the map! But hey why not stop by and see what this Hole N the Rock really is.

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