Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday: Due South: Watermellon Festival Monticello

Due South? Go Up to the South this weekend to the 59th Annual Watermelon Festival in Monticello Florida. South of South?

Monticello is the county seat for Jefferson County, Florida. Jefferson County in 1884 was the Producing King of the U.S. Watermelon. William M. Girardeau from Jefferson County, was the first to create a Watermelon Seed Separating Machine.

Why go? One can go for the following five reasons:
  1. Bed Races where held on June 5th. (Heehaw!)
  2. 10 AM Parade
  3. Drink Mint Juleps if your Lucky!
  4. Car Show
  5. Children's Theatre at Monticello's Opera house.
Come on up now you here!

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