Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday: News from the Southern Hemisphere

Southern California’s Distinction Gallery is celebrating their 5-year anniversary this month with a solo show of Andy Haynes' new work: The Journal Entries of Changing Tides.
Good Cuban Food Worth the Drive in Masaryktown
Florida attracts dreamers; People who come to live out there dream in the Sunshine State.

One thing that many people ask is, "Now, where you from originally!" This is not said as an insult. It is said because there are so many people from so many different places, that we like to know where y'all are from.

Czechoslovakians were one group that came and settled central Florida.

They came to central Florida in 1927, and planted saplings, at first they grew well. But in the winter of 1926-1927 there was a freeze. The saplings died out. The Czechoslovakians replanted. But again in 1927-1928 there was a second freeze. Many dreamers left for new places.

But the people who staid decided to raise Chickens, for chickens do not usually freeze. By 1970 there were two thousand chickens for every person.
Masaryktown became the Egg Capitol of Florida. One place that remains of this Florida Egg Capitol is the Masaryktown Hotel.
Violet Cimbora reflected that the Hotel was the place to be in the Brooksville area:

We danced at the hotel.
We did the beseda that like our square dance.
On festival days we wore costumes.

Masarkytown (Cafe) Hotel still remains but now it serves Good Authentic Cuban Food.

To find the Masarkytown Hotel
Take US 41 to CR 574 A (turn at the OLD Gas Station now a Circle K) or
take SR 50 to US 41

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