Friday, October 23, 2009

Due South Fridays: Holidays in Florida

Halloween in Central Florida is a big deal.

Winter holidays in Florida are a big deal. Why is this?For one reason; the weather does not change, it still is hot outside. For another; trees do not change color and loose their leaves.
So how do we make up for the weather's indifference to time?

We decorate. We create fake snow. We hold haunted houses.

Jessica my wife, and I went to the Bedlam Haunted house last night.
The house was mental. The theme of the house is an insane asylum.
Everyone there will drive you insane, for you can check in anytime you want to but you can never find the door knob to exit; for I had become one of them and did not want to leave and face the cold cold cold world.

The house is a fundraiser for the Winter Haven based ridge art foundation.
Check it out-
Oct 29th, 30 Nov. 1st 7:30-10:30
Oct 31 6:00-12:0

Location: Downtown Winter Haven243 W. Central Avenue
Phone: 863-291-566

Tickets can be had at
Hand Picked of Winter Haven 1503 6th St. SE

or The Ridge Art Gallery 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd

$7 in advance
$8 in advance

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