Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday: Greg's Journal of Found Things

'"Encyclopedias do not win wars." Asimov, Issac Foundation

"Killing Energy is unstoppable until a country gets to the point of exhaustion and there then is an opportunity for change but variables such as oil will shape the outcome."

"Dominant keeps going but tension pulls at and creates a tipping point and snap a new map is created."

"An individual does not sway a whole system, a system will move on a predetermined course until it needs a new leader to show a new way."

Paraphrased from lectures taught by Courtney Brown, for Science Fiction and Politics class taught at Emory.

Art of War Says:
In sum when in battle,
Use the orthodox to engage.
Use the extraordinary to attain victory.

Tastes do not exceed five,
Yet all their variations cannot be tasted.

The shih of battle do not exceed the extraordinary and the orthodox,
Yet all their variations cannot be exhausted.

When still, they are at rest.
When agitated, they move.
When square they stop.
When round they go.

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