Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freaks on Parade

(Dream 108) Walking the streets of an imagined Havana; there is hardly any room.

I either bump into people or cars refurbished from the dustbin of the 1950's. People dress in finer clothes than today; most of the men are wearing straw hats. The few women present wear baskets on their heads full of fruit; they walk briskly. There are a few elderly men playing dominos on old telephone wire drums and they sit on rickety discarded chairs.

I am looking for Dan Medena. I need to find Dan Medena.

I get accosted by a street vendor saying, "Cigar Mister! Cigar Mister!"

I wave the vendor off. I must find Dan Medena. I pull out a Kodak instant picture from my suit jacket, a picture of Dan Medena. I ask in English, Have you seen this man?"

Tension of transitions fills the air.

Fidel Castro has just died, and Raul has been slain by a military coup. No one knows for certain what to do.

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