Thursday, May 20, 2010

Atomic Ranchero Creed

  "What might be an atomic Ranchero?" 

Well I am glad you asked!"

Join the Atomic Ranchero movement, here is a top ten check list to see if you are an Atomic Ranchero:

  1. An Atomic Ranchero owns a cowboy hat but not necessarily owns a horse.
  2. Loves classic trucks, but does not believe in Car Washes. Dirt shows you have been somewhere.
  3. Is a guy up for adventure especially if it is road-trips, anything to get out of this suburban nightmare.
  4. Has lived in Colorado, Eastern Oregon, Eastern California, Eastern Washington, Eastern Utah, Southern Wyoming along I-80, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of Hawaii, or Texas.  (Not sure of states: Utah, Idaho).
  5. Tries not to give a shit. And pictures himself as Johnny Cash giving the middle finger.
  6. Owns a Jackalope Head mounted on the wall.
  7. Loves the Mythic Space of High lonesome Clouds
  8. Thinks South Park is about his early years.
  9. Loves the 1950's with a twist. Imagine the 50's only dirtier and more real.
  10. Loves Fat Tire Beer because it washes away all the dusty trails explored during the back roads trips.

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