Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mayfair by the Lake: Haikus

Dad and I hike up
through dewy laid state park, 
gray slug crawls on moss.
                        - Gregorio Roth

Up way too early, 
have to put up the Artwork,
I need coffee now!
                 - Jessica Baylor Rothbard 

These Haiku were written by my wife and I, the morning of Mayfair by the Lake. The influence for Gregorio Roth's poem is a recollection of a hike my dad and I took at Ecola State Park, Oregon.   It was a rainy day and we witnessed a Slug slurping up a leaf; it was amazing to see something so slow, yet progressing steadily consuming a whole leaf.    I hope you enjoyed them.
Mayfair by the Lake

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