Friday, November 19, 2010

Drowning in Books: A solution.

Have you tried to do a reading schedule*? I have had the same problem of feeling in a serious book slump? or that I have so many books I want to read that I am drowinging in them!!!! I am prone to this because of my ADHD.

While reading through the board discussion list of the Modern 100 Group on Good Reads, there was a question that I decided to answer.   The reader said that he was in a book slump because he had so many books to read, and did not know where to start.    I had to find a solution for this, I was becoming  very frustrated at not reading books or only reading the first 100 pages then putting them down, ashamed, and feeling down on myself; only to start the cycle again and again.  I felt like I was the king on the hill who every day has his entrails ripped out, only to have to do this again and again and again.  something had to be done about this syndrome, so I found a solution for now; here it is.  

I adhere to the rule:  read only one non fiction and one fiction book at a time.  This saved my back from having to carry 20 books I plan to read that week.***

 Then I look at the books I want to read and think how long I want to take on each book, Star Wars Pulp Stories read fast, so I allow myself no more than three days.** But a classic book I allow myself to savor the words and read it in 7 days. If I am lagging then I reassign the reading time to be shorter so that I am forced to skim over the book, and not get hyper focused on a book that does not interest me.  

Then I put the reading time on a calender and this is the time I allocate for it.  I read the book.  Then I write a review of the book , this gives me a sense of completion for the story.

Right now I have scheduled my fiction books up to January. (See Second Page for listing).

Hope this helps all those who feel they can't get the reading they would like to get done.  
Gregorio Roth

Here's the list of books i plan to read through January:
Mulengro  by Charles De Lint  (Currently 85% down.
Bridge of San Luis Rey Thornton WIlder
Henderson the Rain King Saul Bellow
Earth is Ours Gary W. Babb (Currently at page 165) (I have had this book way to long, sorry gary I will getter down now)...
Maps and Sahdows Krysia Jopek (A book I plan to review for the author).
How to Live Savely i na Science Fictional Universe a Novel by Charles Yu
Star Wars The Paradise Snare by A.C. Crispin
Daniel Silva Prince of Fire 

*(for lack of a better word for it, you could call it your life line. )
**I know I will get bored if I allow the book to linger... and then I will probably leave it unread. 
***Yeah, I am a mess but who's not.... he he he he 
****If I don't get to it then I know I was not very interested in the book in the first place.

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