Thursday, June 9, 2011

101 Woes

101 Things that go wah, wah, wah: 

22.  Google's Homogenized You Search Results

I think, Google thinks they know me.  Or does Google want to know me?  I am glad that Google wants to be the advanced search engine in the cybernetic wilderness.  They want to help me find a path from a multitude of answers, some good some not.  But sometimes Google goes too far, and they interfere with my ability to find contrary viewpoints. And yes, I know that one can take the cookies off your cookie cashes but that is another thing I fail to remember to do, at least daily do.
 Life is full of likes and dislikes; and not everything is catered to my own mental map.   Google's search results are attempting to put people in little boxes where everyone appears to think the same way, drive the same cars, and live in the same little box.
Am I paranoid, or do they want to reduce me to a code in a machine.  For example, when I wrote my mother a haiku about my buddy Sid Raccoon and Berry Beetle; I saw adds to the side that offered ways to exterminate bugs and ways to get a Raccoon off of your property.   I am thankful that Google wants to be so helpful, but I want to be more than a consumed XY cordinate on an XY Graph.

Note: I am not woeing all the time but this is my Andy Rooney thoughts on the world.

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