Friday, June 3, 2011


We see the Silhouette of Ahab. He is talking madly to himself, on the open deck.   He does not pay any attention to the men who are in the shadows preparing the ship for this part in the voyage.  He does not want to disturb their sleep. The old man would emerge, gripping at the iron banister, to help his crippled way.

It is the magic hour when the sun is just about to go to bed for the night.

"Not so my heart, but there is fruit
And thou hast hands."**
Nights like these I sing like a cage
bird, but of what dream, ending dispute.
Truth's a whale trapped in a wettened iron cage.
The horn did sound -
awakes my courage to fly up in me;
my nerves, flip flop, cartwheel, aha;
I'm raw. I'm raw. (Rubbing an apple on his forearm).

Stubb enters:
Captain, are you blind? What is it you see?
Ass, clear your head!
Your ghost is aboard;
and the men are sinking in great fears.
Concious forbears
it, sailors are in need-
-Dont want my load.
My load will make the most sane man wild.
I give my word,
be Humbled by God and pray like a child:
persevering through our LORD.
(Looks at the apple, and gives the apple to Stubb).

*George Herbert _The Collar_ (Lines 19-25)
**Ahab began talking aloud at this point in the story from last time.

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