Monday, June 6, 2011

Reading Ventures:

To Read Or Not to Read Again.

Good literature should be able to grow with us. "The Breakfast Club" (for want of a better example) is a movie that grew with me as I gained experience from the world. I remember watching the Breakfast Club when I was junior high school and thinking, "Wow I can't wait till I get old enough to be in high-school, and be cool like these kids.  I love that rebel dude, he won't take all of the teacher's shit, and he doesn't care." The second time I watched it was in High school. I thought, "Wow these guys are stupid, but fun definitely fun." The third time, I watched it was when I had graduated from College, at the time I was working on a teacher certificate, and thinking these kids would be a pain in my ass.   I felt bad for the assistant principal and understood what he was telling Judd Nelson in the cleaning closet.  Good writing, be it presented in movies or books should change and still be interesting as we age.

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