Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oakland: Colorado County

Don't Swim in Florida Lakes!

I drove my Honda Odyssey to visit my parents in Sarasota.  I decided to take a short cut.  I knew I needed to go north. But north had been cut off due to a bad accident between a motorcycle and a cement mixer.   The only way to go was south.  I found my way to the tip of Lake Okeechobee.   At the lake there was one lone fisherman who had not caught anything the whole day.   He asked me if there was any place around here to get some dynamite.   I shrugged the universal code that means “Not sure man!”   The sky started to turn a strange purpleblackblue and that’s when it happened.  The lake sucked up and from the lake emerged a giant red crablike thing.   It approached my Honda.  It grabbed the van with one of his red claws.  Then it opened a wide chasm (probably his mouth). It gulped the van down in one bite.  It burped a noxious smelling protoplasm.  Then it went back into the midst of the lake.   I was cut off from my home, and how was I going to get back now? 
I was to busy to notice, the silver UFO passing in the starry night.

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