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Movie Reviews: Only Sharing the Ones I Loved

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Buck (2011)

Viewed on Netflix Instant Que (1.16.2012)also on Show Time (until 1.17.2012)
Genre: Documentary
Age Group Best: Highschoolers hanging in the parking lot to Old Men Playing Checkers
Length: 1:28:48

Short Summary-No Spoiler

Buck Branaman is a great horseman, who learned to harness his own pain from his abused youth, to train people how to treat their horses with love and respect.

"God had him in mind when he made a cowboy."


There's no wisdom worth having that isn't hard won

Why Spend the Time

This book is about way more than just horses.   It is about how we deal with people when we are put in the position of leadership.   Horses like people need to be treated with the right love and the right respect, this movie has such great heart that it will make you cry.

Personal Reaction
  This movie just makes a lot of good "horse" sense, and I regret the time I have failed at being the best man I can be.   The best man I can be is a man who understands his flaws and knows that despite or because of  these flaws he must carry on.  I would recommend this movie to "men's groups" who have the time to watch and discuss this movie.   I would love to share this in a community group.  


“I hope the message people get from that episode is that with a horse, or dog or children comes a great responsibility. It’s more than keeping them fed and putting a roof over their heads. And if you fall short the results can be tragic.”

Director:Cindy Meehl
Prodcued By: Cedar Creek Media
Awards: Sundance People's Award 2011
Hot Docs Top Ten 2011

Only sharing movies I love.

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