Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stories "Ventures into Unknown Terreritory " 48:70

Isaac Asimov, "I Robot: Catch That Rabbit"(1944)

Length: pages 82-110- (28 pages long.)
Genre: Science Fiction-Robot Adventures

Introduction Summary with No Spoiler

Isaac Asimov shows what happens when a pioneering lead robot named Dave has had too much strain on his leadership network. He commands his sub-robots to dance because he lacks the ability to initiate a proper response in an emergency situation.   In the discovery of the problem, the two engineers find themselves in a cave that has collapsed. Will they get out in time, before the air runs out?


"Is everything normal now?"
"Well he hasn't got religious mania, and he isn't running around in a circle spouting Gilber and Sulivan, so I suppose he's normal."

Writers Notes

Liked the idea of a whole body metaphor.  The robots danced to represent a hand "twiddling his fingers".


  1. The first step in cooking rabbit stew is catching the rabbit. (Recipe for Cooking Rabbit Stew)
  2.   The Story First Appeared in Astounding Stories.
  3. Astounding Stories was renamed Analog.

Where to Find The Story
  1. I, Robot
  2.  The Complete Robot
  3. The Asimov Chronicles

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