Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011-2012 Winter Short Story Festival 33:70

The old strange man walks back and forth patrolling the small town.  Does anyone know where he came from? Does anyone know how long he has been on his patrol?  Why is he sentenced to check the doors each night?   He never says a thing but his presence is known.   The people say when asked about him; "Oh, him? He's the night watchman!"  The Night Watchman by David Braly is a fantastic tale of suspense that can be found in the Read All About It! (Source Book) edited by Jim Trelease.  

He had walked the sidewalks of Sawyerville at night for as long as anyone could remember.  He never hurried, never strolled, and proceeded in a slow but businesslike manner from one door to the next, turning each knob to make sure that every store in town was safely locked.  To think of Sawyerville at night without thinking of its watchman was impossible.

Note: Unfortunately this story is not available online.  

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