Saturday, August 11, 2012

Geography and Books

50 States of Reading:
Mumma Shana by Dana Wolf is my read for Pennsylvania.   Dana was born and raised in Philadelphia. Having written poems and short stories all of her life, she always aspired to writing a novel. Mumma Shana was actually handwritten as Dana commuted to and from her job as a paralegal in the city. After sitting on a shelf in her closet for some years, she said the manuscript began "yelling" at her to publish it.

Dana resides in Northwestern Pennsylvania with her husband and her fourfur babies.* She is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual adviser who loves the company of nature. She is currently writing her second novel but is using a laptop this time!

The biography of Dana Wolf is courtesy of Goodreads. Become a fan of the author *Yes, I meant "fur" babies. They are my doggies :-) One is 90 lbs and her name is Trouble. She IS trouble and she acts like a big baby. :-) The other is my old girl, Onyx. When she was younger she wanted to rule the world - and she easily could have!

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