Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Dinner

I found this beer in a completion of a quest for a refreshing beverage to put a smooth end to my night.   The search was spurred by a tiring night in closing down the kitchen at Publix.   I knew where to go, Sunoco.  A gas station?  Yes, the Sunoco, near my house on Cleveland Heights Blvd, has started to carry  Micro-Brews.

 The clerk stated, "When did we start carrying that crap!"

I smiled.   I am glad for the convenience.

 This Bok Beer seemed interesting and at the right price.   The alcohol content was 6.5%, so I knew that it was a good value at $8.99.  I also noticed that the beer company has been around for a while.  They have been brewing since 1899.

 The drink  did not disappoint.  The beer had a large head, and a good aroma.  The taste was smooth with a nice after taste.   The beer tasted like beer but was not overly bitter. 

This beer was perfect for punctuating a smooth night. 

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