Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chuck It or Cluck It- Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger: Classic Cluck

J.D. Salinger's book Franny and Zooey is a classic one, written in 1955. It looks at the authority of "standard practices" on the youth in a family. Salinger described the story as "a prose home movie." The Glass family, the primary actors in the "prose home movie" do not want us to comfortably state, "Look at their Problems; I'm glad that my family is A Ok! My child is so mature compared to these kids." They want us to notice these two kids as our two kids.

Salinger's stories are a call to arms against as Wes Anderson claimed "the bitter, the selfish, the neurasthenic, and the unhappy" adults who attempt to mature the youth too quickly. The vulnerable youth are slain, like a deer in front of a Mac Truck (A swampy attempt at a cliché!). The young artist puts away their 100 Colors of Crayolas in the name of a boring adulthood. 

The book serves as a great commentary on the Sermon on the Mount; the commentary keeps haunting me as my Church studies the Gospel of Matthew.  

The book is a good read; I definitely give it a Classic Cluck.

Movies book remind me of:
  1. Royal Tennebaums,
  2. Garden State
  3. Rushmore
Wes Anderson on J.D. Salinger

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