Monday, March 22, 2010

Harlan Ellison Dreams of Sharp Teeth Eating Antisemitic Flesh

Check out the movie:  Harlan Ellison:  Dreams with Sharp Teeth

I loved watching this movie for its honest portrait of a writers life.  The movie shows the hard work of being a synthesizer of words, and how one's muse directs this synthesis.    A number of greats share with us the life of Mr. Ellison; including Robin Williams, Dan Simmons, Neil Gaimon, and Harlan Himself.   The movie deals with diverse subjects:  bullies, army, Judaism, antisemitism, atheism, anger,  and creativity.   

Unfathomably I have not read any of Harlan's books but I plan to.   I have made a month in my reading plan just to read him.   

I am thankful for incredible documentaries, on incredible people, with incredible hearts.   

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