Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hockey Redux?

How you like those Provinces? Okay you won in the end! 

 They used their loss to get hungrier for Gold than the US did.

 U.S. Beat Canada in Hockey in the Winter Olympics.  Canada was favored on paper, but they were paper tigers, folding under pressure.  You might think that we (the United States) would be uttering a wave of cheers, but static permeated the air,   a dead calm (how can a calm be dead?) on a great event.  
I wish I could have viewed "the game" but I was busy behind the Deli Counter.

Well it ain't over till the Fat Lady Sings!
 The Canadians truly deserve the Gold for they were more energized in winning it.  So Candadians wear your Maple Leaf, Cannuk, Nordiq, and other Canadian Hockey Jerseys to the next Tragically Hip Concert with pride.  

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