Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Confessions of a Book Collecting Addict

Hi, my name is Greg and I am a book Collecting Addict!

You see it all started when I was in Kindergarten and I wanted to be a reader.   Not just a reader but one of the Blue Ribbon type of Readers.  I wanted to be considered a great reader, one that has read Mark Twain by the first grade.  One of my Childhood friends is a genius and when I was in classes with him, I wanted to be able to read what he read.   So I began to get myself to read more and more.

  But the problem was I am truly visual good cover is something that I cannot resist. A book in my hand makes me feel comfortable in all situations… 

Books gave me a sense of control, I could decide how much or how little I wanted to engage in a book. 

If I found my friends boring, I could always find a book with more interesting friends. I love my books each and every little one, and hope to one day find time to read them all.  Although dark thoughts arrest me and say, "Son, you will never have time to read them all! Why don't you bring them back to the library so that others may find them useful."

All of you Book Collecting Addicts out there; you are not alone.

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