Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Favorite Short Stories So Far…

The list is not in any particular order:

Work Title
Where Did I find the Story
James Joyce
Little Cloud

Jack London
To Build a Fire
Literature an Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama

Ernest Hemingway
The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway
The Horns of the Bull
Esquire Fiction

Dan Simmons
This Year's Class
The Living Dead

Lee K. Abbot
The Human Use of Inhuman Beings
All Things, All at Once

Steven Millhauser
Flying Carpets
The Knife Thrower

John Cheever
Death of Justina
Esquire Fiction

Rudyard Kipling
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Read All About It!
Edited by Jim Trelease

Robert Service
Cremation of Sam McGee (An Epic Poem)
Read All About It!
Edited by Jim Trelease

David Braly
Night Watchmen
Read All About It!
Edited by Jim Trelease
This list is not exhaustive and I plan to read many more short stories.  So remember the guide is definitive but reality is often inaccurate.  Yours, Gregorio Roth

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