Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oakland: Colorado County

Emperor Claudius

Claudius Jones was the owner of the Cyaxares Bookstore.  He reigned with a dignity that makes a blue-haired librarian proudly pet her cat.   He would assign his patrons books to read and reports to write or he would never sell them a book again.

Claudius Jones laughed, “Are you even going to read that? Are you going to display it on a shelf to look smart? Fool!” 
He snarled at the customer peering at the pages of Pent House Forum. 
 And if he was in the mood he would embarrass his patrons with a force that would make Attila the Hun look like a daffodil obeying the sun.  
“PEOPLE PEOPLE CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, The MAN in the purple Beret, thinks he reads well with a study diet of smut.  look at him and blow it up his arse“ 

People came to obey and pay respect to the LORD BIBLIOTECHA.   His store remained busy because he dealt in pain, not books.

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