Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

When you've seen your family talking politics, when its 75 degrees outside and "Florida Novembers" do not feel like proper weather, when the day promises heavy stomachs from overeating, when the conclusion that your life has not yet meet the "great expectations", when everyone only hopes to stay pleasantly blah, when the only pleasure you can anticipate is the country roads to grandma's house, then you remind yourself of the importance of family and you go to celebrate Thanksgiving anyway.

Reading "What is a Sentence" by Stanley Fish.  A book that should be the Grey's Annatomy for all Writers.
This is an excercise from that book.  Here is form, so that you can give it a go!
When an outside occurance:
When the day promises:
When a concluding remark about yourself:
When hope for everybody involved.
When (the best anticipation)
Then (a concluding remark that all of these ideas are subject to).  

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