Monday, November 7, 2011

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Omnilingual  part 2 of 13 of the Terro Human Future History by H. Beam Piper 

Scientists excavate the ruins on mars to find the key to the missing language for a martian civilization dated to be 50,000 years missing.   The story provides the reader a platform to see H. Beam Piper's questions reasoned out.  

What biases might a scientist have that will prohibit them from finding truth out of ruin?  What is the role of history to a modern society?  Should research be utilized to benefit the individual scientist; especially when they can gain financial privileges from their research? 

Degrees, honors; the deference of the learned, and the adulation of the lay public. Positions, with impressive titles and salaries. Sweet are the uses of publicity.*
Omnilingual was thought provoking, and showed  H. Beam Piper to be a  progressive thinker who utilized science fiction to pose questions and state answers for the 21st century.   

*Piper, H. Beam (2009-07-27). The Terro-Human Future History Omnibus (Kindle Locations 1805-1806). Unknown. Kindle Edition. 

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