Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Reivews

 The truth is out there, or is it?  This is the question posed by Zenith, a film written by and directed by Vladan Nikolic.   This is his fourth film, following his movies Burn (2001),  Love (2005), and the City (2007).   
The film according to IMDB is described
 as “a retro futuristic steam-punk 

thriller about two men in two time periods in search for the same grand conspiracy leads them to question their own humanity.” 
The movie is a psychological quest into what is truth and what is make believe.   It makes us question the matrix that we currently are living in.   The storyline was great in that it deals with our numbed current reality.  
Zenith faces us with a visual force that can not be ignored.  Sometimes, I am prone to read, or be distracted by other things like laundry while watching a movie. This movie captured me in a visual trance and time slipped by.  
Watch this movie when you have time to do nothing else but watch questions be answered.  I watched it on Netflix Instant Viewer.  

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