Friday, February 11, 2011

Tending Classics: 42 Days with Huck Finn 16:42

A collect call to my two sided self

Sorry Huck, I missed your call.
 I heard about your mishap with dat
big steam boat, it ran y'all right over,
I will pray for you and Jim
and your long 'venture
 I hoped to speak to ya sooner,
but phone tag we played.

Life saved by small-pox - ironic, you may think!

Mesdemoiselles Mississippi stars as
bright as Jim
or Finn.  River labors and moves, birthing
premies (runts).

Cairo sings free
verse, a siren calling us
forward freely,
we look.

Christian Charity
Stolen Property, who owns Jim's life,
Widow Watson?
Huck stole
her slave?

Stolen Property, or a man's freedom?
Family owned
by good prospering Christians?
Who's right,
when everyones wrong??

(Read Chapter 16)

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