Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tending the Classics - 42 Days with Huck Finn 19:42

Corduroyed Blues

Hiding,under willows the
raft rocks,
like old men on front porches.

arises the sun,
paleness oozes

on the edge,
take shape,
birds smile, tweeting tocsins*.

Lazy off to dreamland,
what else to do,
awaken by din,
of a galoot.

float on by.

Yonder, islands meddled
the river.

Lazily retired

stars booted out,
of nests.

Duke of Bridgewater + Dauphin
climb on
escaping mob justice?
wanderin' corduroyed

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*tocsin: is the sound of an alarm clock.
**galoot: clumsy or uncouth one.
***Dauphin: the eldest son of a king of France
**** Corduroyed: a durable fabric, also a road built of logs laid side by side transversely
The form was influenced by a poem by Charles Bukowski Startled Into Life Like Fire

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