Friday, February 18, 2011

42 Days with Huck Finn 21:42

Town on the East of Eden

Tobacco chewed up,
trading between loafers.
Mud, Mud, and more mud,
slung between men,
barefoot loafers.

Kids tie cans
to dogs tails.

dogs set on fire.
Cruelty reigns here

Rivers gnaws on town
as houses cave in
mudslides, slipping
into ruin.

wagons fill up streets,
noisy calamity,
Lynch Mob Justice Din.
(Taint fair, Taint right, Justice Done?)

Considerable whiskey drank.
Drunken gossip
between wagons.
Drink fueled war path rages.
Coffins piled,
in front yard of general store.
Ired* by carpetbaggers**.
Sear-Sucker Men,
eye something gone astray.

Laughs held in, too tense.
Petrified like old fossils.

Opinion held,
Best naturdist old fool hearted,
no one better,
(God Fearing) Samuel Smarr.
Mud stained and fight ready,
boots claystainedcaked, worn, worked over.

Samuel Smarr eyes Sear Sucker's gun

out stretched arm points,
at Samuel Smarr
tumbling down,
Mud Street

dead: a bible placed be-
neath his head.


*Ired: Intense Anger
**Carpetbaggers:  an outsider who presumptuously seeks a position or success in a new locality.

This poetic structure is based on Charles Bukowski's poem The Mockingbird of course there are a few variations to show my unique human voice, but overall the form is Mr. Bukowski's. 

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